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The Stretch Zone.  

I prefer to live my life in the adventure of the Stretch Zone rather than the safety of my Comfort Zone.  Whether it's the Amazon jungle, the wilds of Miami Beach, a new photography project, or home birthing & home schooling- I relish my life in the Stretch Zone!  

But there is one thing I like more than living in the Stretch Zone... 

bringing other people into their Stretch Zones.  

I get an adrenaline rush when I witness someone about to have their horizons stretched, their comfort shed, their world rocked, their mind blown. It thrills me when I connect with my clients and they feel comfortable and beautiful in front of my lens.  Not everyone feels comfortable with a camera pointed at their face.  I don't.  I make it a point to have professional photos taken regularly so that I never forget what it feels like.

But photography isn't just about having a picture taken. With DSLRs being so easily available and with iPhones and Instagram, everyone's a photographer or knows one.  Especially in Miami, there are plenty of photographers with online degrees and websites, eager for your business.  

What makes a good picture great is the connection, the ease, the relationship the client has with the photographer and his or her camera. The reason I love photography is because I really love and enjoy people.  You are so fabulous and unique, and I want to connect with you and let the world see your awesomeness.  I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in front of my lens. I want to bring you gently into a beautiful Stretch Zone that I know you will love. I want to capture your special day or season of life in such a way that you will pause and see the beauty and give thanks, too.

I am so thankful for my incredible clients and the opportunity to create beautiful collections of images of their amazing lives.

for inquiries, please email:
mobile: +1.305.527.2426

Wedding collections start at $1700

Lifestyle portrait packages start at $300